Friday, September 17, 2010

Modifying Java Variables (w.r.t c and c++)

Modifying Simple Variable
The only mechanism for changing the value of a simple Java variable is an assignment statement. Java assignment syntax is identical to C assignment syntax. As in C, an assignment replaces the value of a variable named on the left- hand side of the equals sign by the value of the expression on the right- hand side of the equals sign.

Modifying Object Variable 
Java object variables can be changed in two ways. Like simple variables, you can make assignments to object variables. When this is done the object referenced by the variable is not changed. Instead, the reference is replaced by a reference to a different object.
With a few exceptions, the only other thing that you can do with an object variable is to send it a message. This is an important part of any Java program, allowing communication between objects.

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