Monday, August 30, 2010

Resetting a string

My prygram goes through a string to find names between '\'-characters
The problem is, parts of the name in sTemp remains if the new name is
shorter than the old name.

char sTemp[50];
char sText[] = "THELONGESTNAME\\samantha\\gregor\\spike\\..." ; // and
so on...

some code

int i=0;
while((sText[i] != '\\'))
sTemp[i] = sText[i];
printf("Name: %s\n",sNameBuff);
// Here i want to reset the string, totally empty it.
// this dosent do it.
sNameBuff == "";
// Start over again...

You don't show its definition or usage, but assuming
that 'sNameBuff' is a pointer to your string (or the
name of an array containing it), write:

*sNameBuff = 0;


sNameBuff[0] = 0;

There may indeed still exist characters in subsequent
memory locations, but because the first character
is now zero, subsequent characters are no longer part
of your string, it's "empty".

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